Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hiking In Pennsylvania

Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

 The Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area has 10 miles of hiking trails with different levels of difficulty.  The trees were beautiful along with the view from the top of the mountain. You can find a number of numerous birds throughout each trail. This trail is about 22.5 miles away from Hershey Park and approximately 31 mins.

My brother and I enjoyed several days in the late summer here hiking. We went on every single trail and would love to go back.  The scenery made you feel like you were in the wilderness.  There was few people that listening to the sounds of the wildlife was just amazing and peaceful.

The  Lower Spring Trail is the easiest trail there. It is 1.1 miles long and gives you a great perception of the Conservation Area.  I believe the red trail is the most difficult. It is worth going up and down  for the beautiful sights. When you reach the top of the mountain it is worth all of the hard work.
-Co author,Granddaughter Sara

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