Wednesday, August 12, 2015

North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, North Carolina

Parking charge is $12

Map of gardens is available at Visitor's center

The North Carolina Arboretum is a 434-acre public garden, surrounded by the diverse Southern Appalachian Mountains, located on land within the Pisgah National Forest. It is adjacent to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

There are several walking trails which range from easy to difficult passing through pine, mixed hardwood and forests. There are plagues along the trail with explanations of the trees. 

    A view of the mountains along the trail

The Entrance Plaza has colorful gardens and containers of seasonal plants surrounded by pools and waterfalls.

      Blue Ridge Court is a central point of the garden promenade 

    Bonsai Exhibition Garden is a place designed to enhance your enjoyment of bonsai art.

       Plants of promise garden and Quilt garden

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