Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A little off the beaten path-Cimiez

Cimiez is about. 35 minute walk from Centre Nice. You must be in good physical condition. An alternative is to take the bus from Centre Nice. Along the walk you will pass beautiful residences in the Belle Epoch architecture and some very nice views over the city. 
Cimiez is a very pleasant area with breathtaking views across Nice toward the sea.

Matisse Museum is located here and is devoted to Matisse's work. It is known to have one of the largest collections of his work. Open daily except Tuesday and the entry is free. 
The museum is surrounded by Olive Gardens.

On the grounds, is located the archeological museum and roman ruins. The roman ruins are from 3rd and 4th centuries BC and subsequently chosen by Augustus as the site for the Capital City of the ALPS Maritimes province.

About a 5 minute walk to the Franciscan monastery and Cimiez cemetery where Matisse is buried. The grounds contain a magnificent Rose Garden.

View over Nice walking toward Cimiez

A house along the walk

Roman Ruins

Franciscan Monastery

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