Friday, June 6, 2014


I am at the end of my 6 month travel journey, I will return to the United States on June 7. The last weeks have been rather hectic enjoying city life with a few side trips. Thus, I have not posted In a while. Upon my return, I will update my blog with additional adventures. The journey was filled with many adventures, new friends, different cultures and learning experiences. As with all things in life, there have been challenges coupled with WOW moments and surreal moments that were impossible to capture by photo. Those surreal moments will be indelibly carved in my mind.
The moments that most stand out are: the Council Square in Brasov, Romania at dusk observing the interaction of people with the Black Church in the background;
a Basilica in Bucovina where I kept returning to a painting that no words can describe except to say the artist was very spiritual and had a profound faith. The beautiful scene overlooking the harbor at the restaurant in Princes's Island, Turkey.  The Rooftop bar overlooking Istanbul. The views of Montserrett in Spain.

I have visited 8 countries and have written about only three. Over the coming weeks I will be writing about each of the places I have visited. I hope you enjoy the stories and photos.

No doubt that embarking upon a solo travel journey you learn to have more confidence in yourself and always to trust your instincts. It is not difficult to adapt to the cultural differences and local customs. A certain amount of travel fatigue occurs in planning routes and making travel arrangements without having another person to help. During those times be good to yourself. Taking the time to rest and replenish oneself is important. My last day in Istanbul, I went out without my camera, lingered with a cafe latte, went to the Turkish bath, had tea with my host and family finishingthe day on the rooftop of the Maramures Hotel for a beautiful sunset overlooking Istanbul.

I have liked each place I visited for different reasons. Each has a unique ambience.
It is with mixed emotions that I return however I know my travels will not end.

Thanks for following with me!

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