Monday, June 30, 2014

Flavors of Istanbul

I have more to share on Istanbul however here are a few photos of the people of Istanbul.

                                         Boys having fun enticing my to take their photo.
                                         I should have known they wanted money.

                                         Young man  carting his goods however stopped long
                                         to pose willingly for photo

                                           Turkish women and gentleman eating at the fish market

Boat along the water at the fish market
At a large family party for a birth of infant
Food, music and dancing

Party food
Party People. The two ladies with the kerchiefs were delighted to pose
and introduce me to other family members.

Man carting food to place of business
There were many different kinds of carts

                                          Another type of cart for hauling food.
Many stands throughout Istanbul with different types of street food
Roasted chestnuts, pretzels, roasted corn. All very good.

And lastly the Sunset from the bar on the top floor of the Maramures Hotel.
Beautiful view and sunset.

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