Monday, July 14, 2014

Romania-Cluj Napoca and Oradea

My last post on Romania

 In reviewing many photos and writing about my experiences, I recommend travel to Romania for the unspoiled nature, friendly people, culture, history, architecture and the many churches. I plan to return one day.

Cluj Napoca is the largest city in Transylvania and is a very pleasant city. I took a break from camera and photos and simply enjoyed the city. It is a great city to walk around, enjoy the university atmosphere and simply sit in a coffee shop or a cafe and people watch.

The main square has many shops, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants with the 15th century St. Michael's Church.

The Museum Square is a 2 minute walk from Union Square where the Franciscan Monastery is located. It is a combination of baroque and gothic architecture dating back to the 14th Century. The Transylvania History Museum is also located here. 

There is a beautiful Botanical Garden near the university consisting of 14 hectares of Japanese garden, tropical plants and walking trails.

There are two theaters in Cluj: National Theater and Hungarian State Theater. I suggest ordering tickets prior to going to Cluj as the performances were sold out when I was there.

Although I did not visit the Etnography Museum of Transylvania, it may be a museum to visit to understand the culture of transylvania.

I stayed at Villa Confort, Calea Turzi N.48. It is part of the Hotel Confort however in a quiet Villa.
The rate per night is $45. The room had a sitting area separate from the bedroom and overlooked a garden. Very nice shower with water jets. About 10-15 minute easy walk to center of city.

Cluj is easily accessible by train, plane and bus. The travel sites say the train is best however it depends on where you are traveling from. I traveled from Sibui and found that the bus was better, it decreased my travel time by several hours.

The photos below are compliments of Wikitravel

 Orthodox Cathedral                                                St. Michaels Church                              


Well worth a visit for a few days. This city is a gem and enjoyable simply by walking without a destination.  It is 8 km. to Hungary either by bus or train. When I visited, the train tracks were being worked on so needed to take a train across the border, then change to bus for 1 hour and then train to Budapest. It was an easy transfer.

Oradea is on the Crisui Repede River with Baroque architecture from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The atmosphere is very relaxed with a beautiful main street (Calea Republicui) lined with cafes/restaurants and shops with Art Nouveau Buildings.

There are around 100 religious sites of different denominations in Oradea.

The fortress of Oradea was built between 1114-1131 A.D.
                                    The fortress is surrounded by a beautiful park.

                                  Pleasant, relaxed walk along river



                                Hotel Atlantic, Str. Josif Vulcan 9
                                Boutique Hotel with cafe, restaurant next door. Well appointed rooms with small  
                                bar area and large bathroom. 5 minute walk from main pedestrian street.
                                Extremely welcoming and helpful staff.
                                Room rates range from 35 USD to 70 USD

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