Saturday, July 26, 2014


Auschwitz is a day trip from Krakow and a somber and surreal experience.
I have read quite a bit about WWII and the holocaust and watched many movies but none could have prepared me for Auschwitz.

Basic amenities such as water and sewage disposal were inadequate, and water-borne illnesses were commonplace. Living conditions were brutal and many of those not killed in the gas chambers died of starvation, infectious diseases, executions and medical experiments.

There were no words among the visitors. There was silence except for the quiet respectful tone of the guide.

Few words to tell the story are needed. The photos and the signs throughout the camp tell the story.

                                                         Thought provoking

                                                        Entry into the Camp

                                                           View of the Barracks

                                                                Extermination Block

                                          The Road of Death

                                                   Sleeping quarters
                                                   Only stacked slabs


                                                    Toilet Facilities

                                                      Wash room


                                             There were several display cases of belongings
                                             All were similar with items of clothing, eye glasses and other items

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