Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cathedral of Sevilla

The Cathedral of Seville is phenomenal. I spent 4 hours listening to the audio tour and Taking photos. 
I climbed to the top of the Guralda Tower. The enormity of the Cathedral cannot be comprehended in one visit. 

The Cathedral of Seville is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe. The total surface area is,23,500 square meters. It is the third largest Church on the world. It is a masterpiece of Almohad architecture. It is a UNESCO site. It has 80 chapels.

It houses the tomb if Christopher Columbus.

1184-1198, Seville's Main Mosque was built using bricks. In 1218, The Mosque was consecrated as a Cathedral.
1131-1517, Construction was begun on the Gothic Cathedral using stone. 1528-1601, During the Renaissance work was carried out in the Royal Chapal. The Main Sacristy. The Chapter house and it's annexes. 
1618-1758, Baroque in the cathedral:the Oarish Church of El Sagrario and two minor chapels.
1825-1928, the last major works in the Cathedral. Three main doors and the southwest corner.

      Main door Door of Assumption

    View from Giralda Tower

Giralda Tower

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